Vietnam and ankle weights

Picked up some 5lb ankle weights for the ab work outs. I really really hate free body weight exercises when they require extensive repetition and you dont really feel a burn after the first set. This happens a lot in abdominal exercises. So I grabbed some weights to make it more of a push that I could feel right away. Not sure if I will cut down the number of reps, we will see tm morning. I’m really excited about working out these days. So freaking fantastic.

Vietnamese sub for dinner. So freaking good. Special combination bean drink, pastry with some sort of pork filling and the special combination meat sub. I love these subs so much.

I’m going to try my New Year’s Resolution and blog every single day. I’ve already failed given that its the second day, but thats ok. I want to be consistent with one thing and I love blogging (mostly so that I can go back and reflect on my thoughts in the past, in comparison to what I remembered). So here goes!

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