Motorola Oasis

I’ve never been a big fan of bluetooth headsets. They look goofy, most people don’t really need them and the only place they are really useful (and necessary) is in the car. However, I was in need of spending some credits at the cell phone store and so I dropped it on the Oasis. Its comfy, reviews are alright (definitely not the best) but more importantly I can now make calls to W without having to hold my arm up for hours. I actually see this as useful. I suppose the fact that the noise cancellation is good but not great on it doesnt really matter considering that its only being used indoors. Its kind of a meh purchase. Not that excited about it, but its definitely useful.

The workout with the ankle weights was awesome. I realized that if I do the oblique side lifts at the end, and do knee ups right after leg raises, I actually don’t feel like the set is taking forever, or that my arms are going to rip out their sockets for hanging so long from the ab straps. Cool. Really glad I bought these, as its preventing me from swinging my legs too much and is helping me concentrate on each raise.

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