Went to I ❤ Sushi for the first time haha, oh dear it was actually quite good. Despite the service being somewhat subpar, the overall feeling was really great- very good portions (for a secret fatty, it was very satisfying), great taste and a wonderful atmosphere for a semi-chill/romantic venue. I had the chirashi bowl, W went for the Tonkotsu pork, which incidentally is not just an Ichiban flavor as I had previously been misled to believe (hint- it tastes absolutely nothing like the instant ramen flavor). I really liked my bowl….but perhaps this was augmented by the fact that W isn’t the biggest meat fan and gave me tons of her pork cutlet…I was very happy. 
There’s actually two cutlets here, a super huge portion that even bug-eyed my own usual critical eyes. The breading was really crispy and the price was very reasonable! Just about 11 dollars. 
We also shared some tempura, just the usual fare, nothing spectacular but not bad either. It was a nice starter, but I think it kind of ruined the Tonkotsu, because by the time I had hit the pork, there was a lot of breading already inside my tummy. 
W went out last night while I was studying and picked up some katsudon at Kyoto for me. It was really yummy and it would have been a lot better if I was hunkering down for the night at campus, but I ended up only staying for a half hr study session and hit up Kobe right after. So much Japanese in two days! I love when W grabs me yummy food like this. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings in my stomach, likely me eating all the butterflies inside.  🙂
I also made spaghetti from scratch for W the other night- really yummy and soooooo addicting! I based it with crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, lots of brown sugar, dried onions, fresh red onions, pepper and salt to taste and garlic. And then I piled in tons of ground beef and Ikea meatballs…so mind blowing. I poured it over rice the next day and it blew my mind again! I love it. I really think the brown sugar and the parmesan at the end made the sauce so good! 
I also curled a fantastic set today. Felt realyl great and I really enjoyed the workout. Almost as mch as running. 

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