>yum cha


Had a great day with the fam! Went out to yum cha with my mum, dad and sis and it was really good. Almost as good as the comical nature of the angry dim sum girl (note- only 1 was angry) who just stared at us with her cart. The food was really good and it has been ages since we have all gone out (I can’t even remember when we last went yum cha!).  I don’t know what the bottom right one is, but it was sooooooo good. Loved it. 
Even funner was going to grocery shop at Sueprstore! It was really fun and I haven’t been grocery shopping with my whole family since I was in elementary school (Seriously!). I had a really good time with my folks and sis and I want to do it again next weekend. We picked up some items for tonight and my dad made a really great Greek salad, grilled cheese sandwich and chicken soup combo. I love my dad’s cooking, he makes everything so good, without very obvious steps. I have no idea how he does it. I hope I can cook like him one day. Seriously, if I could cook even remotely as yummy as he does, I would be psyched out of my mind. 
I also arranged my setup at home so my screens are all landscape orientation. I loved having one in portrait, but I was getting bored, and I love my new setup now…so much that I almost want to not use the Mac for a bit…but not really. 
Time to do stats homework. 

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