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Went to Marineland today and had a super fun day aside from trying to avoid heatstroke. It was sooo freaking hot and humid that paying excess money for overpriced fluids seemed ok. Marineland in itself was a somewhat disappointment, in that it is very behind in its times, in comparison to other ocean parks like Sea World. Not only is there few fauna (especially non mammalian species which I love watching way more), but the theme is very nineteen eighties. Everything was themed dragons and castles, and the decor looked like it hadnt been touched since Michael J Fox made the DeLorean cool again. Anyways, had fun with W, got annoyed with the number of people and heat waves, and had lots of fun with the dolphins, especially the walrus. Will write up a rant later on this. Had dinner at an outdoor patio with live music, covering Neil Diamond and the Eagles amongst others. Super cool atmosphere, subpar food, and good company with W. Had a great time, and it ended with fireworks over the falls, just as we grabbed the bill. A really nice evening that finally ended at the Casino, which was Vegas worthy inside. Had a large ice capp at Tim Hortons, some TimBits (yes my belly is quite visible) and W had some steeped tea. Good convos, nice shops and scenery, and an overall nice evening. Heading back to Toronto tm, will be sad, but happy to eat chinese again.

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