had breakfast at a restaurant that literally had no name other than ginormous signs indicating 6.99 breakfast buffet. Of course, being a cheapo grad student on major student loans, it seemed like a no brainer deal…until I actually ate the food. The worst was the French toast and pancakes, which were almost as stale as the potatoes. Next up worse was the chocolate milk at 3.75 per small cup, followed by the lack of any servers. The total bill was something well into a good breakfast at a place like Barb and Ernies.

Walked along the falls for a bit, then ended up in a cafe to cool down. W has fallen asleep and I am reading disappointing reviews of the Blackberry 9800 Torch, one of the phones I really wanted, but doesnt really offer much in improvement over my 9700 Bold 2. Also debating a VAIO purchase at the Sony Outlet here in Niagara before we leave. But at nearly a grand for a demo laptop, carbon fiber or not, I might as well get the Mac deal.

I am gonna miss Niagara for sure. But its a bit too touristy here. I wont mind being back in T dot.

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