>ew belly ache


The Canon SD4000is takes the legendary (well almost) Canon S90 prosumer camera, and puts the most important innard into the ELPH line, effectively making this one of the most important point and shoot cameras in the past few years, if not ever. It maintains the 28-105mm equivalent f/2.0-5.3 stabilized zoom lens, crucial for low light photography, which is pretty much all the time for indoor shots without a tripod. Unfortunately for the cameras size, they had to downgrade the sensor size, meaning that it probably will show more noise than the S90, and likely the backlit CMOS sensor will not really provide as much of a benefit as Sony (the sensor maker) would like to claim. Thus far, backlit sensors, said to be the newest revolution, have little to offer in terms of noise improvement, despite the seemingly logical explanation behind their technology. Anyways, a well deserved pat on the back to Canon for putting such a wonderful lens on a point and shoot, and truly offering a great pocket camera for those who appreciate fine control. I think I am still on the fence for the S90 though, given the better physical controls and sensor size. image courtesy of CNET.

Today I cut down to four sets of the 100 lb dumbbells, a significant drop from the 117 repetitions at 12 sets of 10 plus one, that I was doing a year ago. Today I did 35 reps, but yet, I felt pretty good. It was nice not having to freak out whether I could complete the whole set, and just to enjoy the bench press, as well as do consecutive sets of jackknives and flys. I enjoyed that. Most exciting was doing dips with 70lbs of plates chained to my waist. I have always done body weight dips, so weighted ones were fantastic. I really felt pushed today. My shoulders certainly can hold their own. I especially enjoyed the jackknives, it really hit my abs well.
M really impressed me with his simply two day workouts per week. I am now less interested in performance and more so on aesthetics. I have already proven my pectoral strength with my dumbbell achievements, and now its time to move on to liking my body as well.

I had a statistics exam this morning and I think it went well. I don’t think that concept usually applies to me and any sort of math related assessments.

I hate wasting food. I cooked a whole bunch of food that W and I were not able to get at, and/or she doesn’t eat leftovers (EVER!), so I ate like everything today. And had the worst stomachache ever. All I could remember was how expensive tomatoes were, and how bad my tummy felt. Seriously. Not great down there right now.

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