>CES 2010 sweetness

The Consumer Electronics Show is underway right now and there’s a few things that have caught my eye. I love the new iteration of Sony’s VAIO F series. I was always a big fan of this particular class, starting back at their first iterations when the Intel Centrino chip was just under its inception. I love how they have finally placed a numeric keypad in the design, something which seemed just natural, given how wide the 16 inch screen body was. I just really like it. Imagae courtesy of Engadget.

I am also a huge fan of the new Alienware M11x. A much smaller iteration of the Alienware M series, I love how the laser etched backlit keys have finally been placed on a computer that isn’t 10-12 lbs. I was always a fan of the M series, but I couldn’t justify the high costs, especially since I don’t do PC gaming (or any gaming for that matter) that much, and that a large laptop is not something I need. What I do need is a unique laptop that stands out from the masses, and the M11x is it. It also has the Nvidia GT335 chipset, which provides some processing power when necessary and can be switched off for better battery life, with assumed IGM chipsets (unsure if the IGM is Intel or Nvidia). At any rate, I love it. What I love even more, is that a fully specced M11x is going to cost under a grand. I think this might be my next laptop. As much as I like the Macbook Pros, I really would love something just a little different. Everyone at the clinic is busting out in unibody and I would like something with a meaner glare.

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