>300th post


I know that anniversaries or special numbers are supposed to be something epic, but I really don’t have anything particularly interesting really. This year has been wild and epic and I think thats been implied through my past blog postings. What I did find interesting was that prior to watching 2012 (which BTW is effing terrible and has the worst acting I have seen in sometime), I dug out my old Astrophysics 320 text, as I had recently felt a nostalgic urge to read about the collapse of stars and how it destroyed GPAs. -__- Anyways, part of the equation involves the release of neutrinos, which are essentially really fricken tiny particles which have no mass (to the point where they literally do not interact with other matter due to their size- think much more impressive than an electron’s girth). In fact, neutrinos were involved with a scandal years back where scientists attempted to determine if they were detectable (involving an extremely deep shaft where it was hoped that any vibrations would be dampered, which basically became a huge debate as to whether anything was even detected at all)….ok I am losing my track and blending in parts of Phil 375 into the topic. Anyways, I thought it was interesting that the movie 2012 involved neutrinos ejected from the largest solar flare EVER which ended up heating the core of the earth and shitting out a terrible script. Neat. Honestly looking at the above equation, stolen from my Astrophysics 322 homework assignment, I have no idea how I even got through the course. Ew. I know you can barely read anything from that image, but really, even if you could, unless you went to MIT, I think it would look like a cabbage and a rabbit had a baby. It doesn’t make sense. At all.

I noticed the other day that the newer front and lateral raises, as well as the single arm military dumbbell preses have increase my deltoid strength and size. I am supremely pleased. I will be more pleased when I get to run in the track in January. I am ready to shed the holiday girth off.

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