>Good beats and burns


I can’t emphasize how sick these Shure SRH840s are. I keep hearing things I haven’t heard before, with such a delicacy that I really really need a new source to appreciate all of this new found power. My current USB sound card/”sound enhancer” the Creative XMod (which laughably has been scorned by everyone as a bullshit excuse for an equalizer, which I disagree without good reason, if not to not feel like some idiot that bought a BOSE sound system with Monster cables)is simply not good enough, and although it sounds quite damn good coming out, much better than that of the typical 3.5mm jack, it has a certain background static that makes me sad. Ah well. Can’t have everything. Actually on closer listening, its not all tracks. I have read that some cans are so sensitive, that the bad thing you might notice is how poorly recorded some tracks are. The Smashing Pumpkins’ Ava Adore is supposed to have a terribly messy opening bass line if you listen to good enough cans (which mine are not good enough to discern) so maybe that’s it.

I managed to spill burning coffee all over my left hand yesterday, which was exciting times. I sometimes think that I really am a stupid person, at least stupider than I generally think I am. My depth perception was completely shot and now I have to nurse my burns with lotion. Its actually kind of neat, cause the hot liquid stayed just a little hotter under my watch, and thus you can see the dribble trail as a burn mark on my wrist. Excellent.

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