>Totally Broke

>I ended up scoring just average on my Ethics midterm which didn’t phase me as much as I would have been in my previous undergraduate mentality. In particular, I found this exam to be personally relevant, exciting and altogether, fun to write. Although I personally believe that I should have scored higher, I do feel I wrote to the best of my ability and truly did take away from the assessment a form of learning. One would say it was a process not a product obtained and I enjoy that immensely. It also helped that nobody scored outside a particularly tight window of marks, and I can only imagine the resulting scores will be generally good letter grade wise. It was also relevant that in this round of examinations, I was now competing with psychology’s cream of the crop, so I suppose making oneself particularly distinguished against such a crowd will come in forms that are much more subtle and in a smaller spread than previous undertakings. Altogether I am rather pleased with the program’s unfoldings thus far.

I think I have not been as financially responsible as I should be as of late. That isn’t to say that I am completely fish out of the water right now, but I certainly have not been controlling myself fiscally particularly great. In that sense, I do feel like I would like to work during the school term, something I do not particularly enjoy. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest is how much it takes out of my current quite favorable schedule of school and downtime. Oh well, I suppose that is the sacrifice I will have to take, given that my downtime has turned into spendtime. Oh dear.

I am currently chugging away on my presentation on generalized anxiety disorder with children. It is a fascinating topic that I do enjoy, but right now I am absolutely freezing in the Education library and I need some hot coffee. I also am immensely enjoying this laptop styled Apple keyboard on the shiny previous gen 24 inch iMac that the Education library has generously provided for public use. Wonderful! I have mere hours to go until Metric busts out tonight in the Jubilee. Exciting.

Aside from my current random observations, I will bid adieu, until something momentus strikes my fancy like airborne fecal projections.

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