>Metric, Group Projects and Eating


I’m pretty sure that I now am content with my performance in the gym. I sort of accepted the fact that I will never be lean and cut, except without a greater sacrifice to my personal lifestyle than I would want. I am quite content with my performance in the gym, where my body is at, and with that I have taken a break from working out since last Thursday, which will continue until this Wednesday when my super large presentation on childhood generalized anxiety disorder is done. I do not feel immensely guilty as I have usually done in the past over missing workouts, and I am eating a little more (to a somewhat chagrined waistline protest). Whatever, I am happy.

I had the BEST time at Metric’s performance last night at the Jubilee. At first I was sort of bummed out on having Row U, which is just a few rows from the back on the main floor, especially in consideration that all main floor tickets were the same price. I was a little peeved that we didn’t grab the second row second balcony seats, which looked the same on the Jubilee’s website cam shot as row U main floor in terms of viewing. I realized immediately that when a tall person sat in front of me, I would be bummed. Never mind rows A-T having tall people. Seeing how far second balcony is, I was ok with the main floor. But lo and behold I also realized that people were running to the front of the main floor, stage center! Suddenly Sijie and I were probably 15 feet from Emily Haines! SO UNREAL. She really is amazing in live performance. So different from the drunken performance I saw on youtube. Completely amazing. My favorite performances that night were probably Gimme Sympathy, Gold Gun Girls and definitely my absolutely favorite track from Live it Out; Empty. So unreal. When I realized Empty was next, I went into epileptic frenziness.

I honestly thought my favorite tracks would be Dead Disco or Combat Baby, but it turned out Empty and Gold Gun Girls was the highlight for me. In retrospect I think Soft Rock Star would have been a very rad track live, but that’s ok. It was still a great set list that night.

Honestly one of the best parts was the encore, just getting them back out. I kind of knew they would, given that they had yet to play their biggest single, Combat Baby and Monster Hospital. Just screaming at the top of my lungs, my fanboyism and everything, it was just so surreal. I woke up this morning thinking I had a sore throat and going SHIT! remembering my failed attempts at vaccinations yesterday, but then remembered that I was basically screaming myself raw just hours ago. Interestingly enough, I was definitely way more drained after White Stripes, but that might be more because it was way rowdier at that venue. I enjoyed having rows of seats preventing people from moving in front of my super awesome position. I considered moving to the absolute front, but my spot was so damn good anyways. Unreal.

Emily came out dressed in this really weird bizarro chicken deal, and she asked us what it was. Turns out its a Godzilla dress from Japan. I saw it more of a rooster thing, but whatever. It was funny cause she said she did it to spite all the slutty Nurses/Teachers/Sailors/Cops/Bees (yes there was a slutty bee that night) dressed up in front of her. The funniest was the dude dressed up as the Shocker, which I won’t elaborate here, but did sufficiently shock Sophie that night when I explained it. Solid.

I totally regretted not having any camera on me, nevermind my D90, given that everyone had something that night and there definitely were some nice glass setups (try $5K setups). But then I realized that taking pictures just takes away from enjoying the moment, which kind of killed White Stripes for me, and of course those pictures were pretty terrible. So in the end, I had so much fun, I didn’t care. I am so glad I ran out from row U.

The coolest part was when I remembered the Spin interview with Metric where they asked what was the fan favorite track. Front Row was supposed to be the cool track about experiencing the center stage action, but it turns out that was just about getting high and experiencing the ensuing fun. Monster Hospital was Emily’s fave track for getting the crowds going. So when it came to “I thought the war, but the war won!” I basically peed everywhere. So unreal. It was the best money I have spent in a long time. I effing love Metric. Definitely challenging Yeah Yeah Yeahs in my fave spot, but I think Karen O still has the lead. OMFG. BEST HALLOWEEN EVER.

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