>On the way out of Drumheller

>I'm in Doris' car, as Jeffrey steers us along the dangerous highway where a dramatic semi and car relationship almost ensued. We just visited the Royal Terrell Museum where the delights of dinosaur dioramas erupted in full force. It however is not as exciting to me as living organism exhibits, such as the Bug Room at the Provincial Museum. I will post pictures later. Thankfully I brought my DSLR for some quality low light shots inside the darkened displays.

I'm feeling really under the weather wth a pounding headache, a feeling of every hole in my head plugged and a throat that feels raspy and unwell. Really ironic that the one weekend I leave the city and I become sick. Lovely.

I had a really stressful day at work the other day, with short staffed poor work ethic goodiness. I will be glad to be done this coming Monday. I don't think I could take anymore of it. Gah.

School orientation is this Tuesday and class begins on Wednesday! I'm really excited to meet new people and get back into the learning curve of exams again. Also, last night I had some Royal Reserve whiskey and I liked it. Thanks.

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