>Orientation, Recovering from Disease and Adobe Lightroom 2


I’m pretty sure that today is one of my more exciting and fantabulous days of summer. Obviously disgruntled with work, tired of terrible understaffing issues (among others) and just completely totally drained out, it was just awesome to goto orientation for the Department of Educational Psychology. I’ll talk about the trip to Calgary later, which was unfortunately ruined for me, due to an absolutely terribly timed cold which left me in rough rough shape, but that’s another post.

Orientation made me feel like I was finally where I needed to be. For years I have felt out of place and really disgruntled with my lack of support for my academic/career choices. Its not that my friends have been unsupportive, but rather that I never felt to close knit cohesiveness that so many professional programs at the University seem to emanate. Believe me when I say that the Faculty of Science and Education are not exactly the best in promoting cohorts. I was actually shaking a little on my transit route to school (which was of course accentuated with my general lateness and realization that I have caught the last possible bus to make it on time). So for the general Educational Psychology orientation, I was super completely pleased! I suppose its kind of lame, but the way the chair pep talked our admission into such a program really made me happy. I especially enjoyed the more specific Psychological Studies in Education orientation where I suddenly realized how lucky I had been to get in! Everyone seemed to have a rather large background in research or clinical practice in psychology, whereas I spent most of my time with inner city children and studied Entomology. I suppose experience and grades do make a difference, but I certainly was not within the top range of the faculty (3.93 competitive for the thesis based counselling program!). I kidn of felt like a tard(as in I never fomrally thought where my thesis would be heading towards) when they asked me my research interests, but I’m pretty happy to say that developmental (Ha! Joey!) and counselling psychology seemed like a comfortable choice to declare.
Among other things learned in today’s orientation, I will be seeing clients starting this year! I will be in a psychology clinic where I will see counselling clients, shadow psychologists and then next year practice on my own! I am very excited about all this hands on/applied experience. Definitely right up my alley for now. I will be able to focus on the aspect that I love most about Education- thinking. Woohoo!
Today in the gym, I was greeted with familiar faces from the summer, the usual gym rats. I was also greeted with the rude awakening that there would be a new wave of gym tards that would sweep the floors with their new found goals to get fit. That wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t for idiots like today’s preppy popped collar polo/flipflop pretty boy that ignored the gym attendants to GTFO. I have no idea why you need to dress for the gym, but I know that in general that people that do are douchebags that aren’t actually there for fitness. I suppose it irks me that much, just because the gym is like my home away from home, an escape from exams, studying and work stress. Gah. I look forward to October, when their motivation to achieve washes away.

Today I bought Adobe Lightroom 2! I was in the computer section at the University bookstore today, perusing the infinitely better Lenovo x200 ultraportable (in comparison to my piece of shit HP tablet) when I remembered that there are student discounts for Adobe software. For a somebody who calls himself a photographer, it is rather embarassing to be editing photos with freeware like Kodak EasyShare, and perhaps less embarassing, to be shooting JPEGS (for the less informed, shooting RAW images is like shooting with negative film, allowing much more manipulation later, rather than in almost unalterable in camera processing which JPEG saves in). So it was a little spontaneous, but I now have a legit copy of great editing software to finally open up the power of my Nikon with. I am very excited (almost as excited as the nearly 1/3 retail price students can obtain Adobe software with!). It also feels kind of nice actually owning the software, instead of torrenting it (as per usual).

I’m really excited about the upcoming Nokia N900, it just continues to amaze me with its fluidity and function. A huge fan of its hardware specs, I’m now satisfied with its software/user interface. Just a solid smooth operating system. I have high hopes for it. I also have high hopes to have one in my pocket one day. I love my Blackberry, but its a definite non-internet friendly device (i.e. no support for sites/slow loading times, think 56k modem, which I guess is nitpicky for having internet everywhere. I can’t wait for a full on review of this gorgeous piece of kit. If it sounds like I am becoming emotionally entwined with some Finnish technology, its true. I am.

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