>I hate Mondays like no other


So not having a good day. Terrible day at work, terrible time at the gym, just a terrible not so good rotten day. It probably has a lot to do with me running off very little sleep. I wouldn’t be so moody if I actually rested well.

Sometimes it would be nice to just shrug people off, and listen to rational thought and take it as a grain of salt. Not to let it ruin your day. Just to let out a big huge SIGH.

Sometimes it would be nice to just flip the bird at people, and not think things rationally or with ethical concern. Actually sometimes it would be nice to be able to just throw people that make you mad out of your way, but that would be neanderthal. One of my goals of a post-secondary education is to evolve past cave man instinct. Gah.

Also, just absolutely, almost completely ready, for sure, getting there, about to – give up. Seriously. What the hell am I supposed to be waiting for?

Oh who am I kidding? I really just need to sleep early. I am so ready for school to begin again. I miss you school. I miss scheduled classes, big cups of coffee and long days in the library.

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