>The Nokia N97- A host of bitterness


The Boy Genius Report has just filed out its review of the Nokia flagship Nseries N97. After months of anticipation, and ignoring the pleas of the Palm Pre, Sony Ericsson Xperia and so on, I am bitter over the disappointing reviews I am seeing. It wasn’t just the Boy Genius Report that smashed the N97 into the ground, PhoneArena.com also rated it pretty low. This is after they gave the Palm Pre a “best phone we have ever used.”

What went wrong? The biggest disappointment has to be the keyboard. Not only does it look stupid (space bar far right corner? wtf) it has poor tactile feedback, the main point of having a hard keyboard as opposed to a soft on screen board. This angers me because it makes a world of difference typing on a great keyboard (think- Blackberry) and making productivity happen. You might remember the Sony Ericsson Xperia experience (haha) that I had a few months ago- great hardware, terrible keyboard. I won’t touch anything unless it has something that can rival my Bold’s typing experience.

The next big hit against the phone was the use of a resistive screen that tries too hard. There are two types of touch screens. The first was the crappiest one, the resistive screen which uses dual screens and registers touch when you press in, and they touch each other. This requires a lot of pressure and is annoying in use. The next is capacitive which uses the electrostatic registration from your body’s skin, and requires much less pressure (hint almost none) and is much more accurate. Guess which one Nokia put into its flagship. Really? In a time where everyone has the best of the best in their screens (I’m not even going to go into their lack of an 800 pixel wide WVGA screen), how is it that Nokia didn’t do the same? Palm, Apple, Blackberry ….they all have amazing screens. Le sigh.

The other disappointing aspect is that Carl Zeiss branded camera on the back. Burnt out highlights leads to the most common issue with cell cameras. I find it amazing that they are able to produce such a sweet camera phone like the Nokia N82, and yet have such a hard time implementing it into their flagship phones (hint N96 having poorer performance than predecessor). I just need a decent camera that is on me all the time for random photos, but apparently Nokia is still having a hard time winning me over. Big disappointment, as I am a huge Nokia fan. I have to say that this phone will not be winning over my next phone bid. Especially when I just checked OmegaCell.com’s price at just a hair over a thousand CDN dollars. GAH!

Opera is about to release a new browser in a few days! This is interesting to me, as the Blackberry Bold’s default browser is terrible. It renders terribly, dies when JavaScript comes up, and so on. I hope that this is going to make some big splashes for my online experience!

The new rumor out is that this is the new SE Xperia X2 in white. I have to say that it looks gorgeous! If that keyboard is better than the previous iteration (it sure does! look how elevated those keys are), than I might be sold. the only issue that I see right now is Windows Mobile ( a true POS) but apparently the next upgrades will be better (good cause it still runs the same processor which struggled immensely on the first Xperia).

The Nokia E71’s successor appears to be almost official as the E72. It looks ugly compared to the previous iteration. That’s ok. I haven’t really been that interested in their E series since I stopped using the E61. But I still root for this sector of phones, because the last one, the E71 was a real sweet heart. Great looks and keyboard. Shame for the QVGA resolution.

Its super warm out right now. I need to mow the lawn. Ew.

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  1. joey says:

    >hahaha i actually like mowing the lawn. i like reading about things when people know a lot about something else i don't know – in your case technology. it's like reading an entirely new language, like exploring new foods in your mouth – foreign yet pleasant.i'm not going to pretend i understand half of what you say, but keep saying it it's fun to read.-j

  2. alice cooper says:

    >Haha thanks Joey. I would actually say the same about neuro. I don't get it, but its somewhat fascinating listening to something that is completely foreign to you, but almost, somewhat making sense …sometimes. Haha.

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