>Long effing day.

>Today work called for a ten am to eleven pm shift. Gah! I just got onto the bus and am now heading home. Sigh. I have effing First Aid this weekend and I'm going to barf about how shitty the weekend looks. At least I am seeing Sarah Slean this coming Monday!

Todays supper was compltely grody. The pasta we served the kids was overcooked into a massive ball of gelatinous carbohydrate hell and I have to say today is the shittiest cheat day ever. The only thing worth eating was the two Subway cookies I saved from last night.

I really need a hot hot shower. I just feel absolutely gross. It was actually fun day with the kids, albeit quite long. It didn't help that one of our kids had lice. I am now hyper paranoid as hell right now and avoid hair like the plague. I have four layers of hair spray on right now to repel any six legged arthropods. Sigh. I have never had lice and do not intend to start now. Funnily enough they like clean hair, so the ideal thing would be to not wash my hair tonight. Gross.

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