>Oooooh lala

>Oh my gah! I went shopping with Sijie to scope out some goodies today. Sijie went and bought the protein that I had started last summer, almost a full year ago! (July to be exact). He’s going to give it a shot to see what it will do to his body. Thus far for me, I haven’t felt any huge need yet for it. I have been pretty solid with the all vegetables/lean meat diet (almost a 6/3/1 ratio for vegetables/lean meat/carbs). I feel great, but we will see what results will show in a month. Will I cut down like last year? Who knows. It should be quite similar, since the diet and exercise are almost the same. Anyways, Sijie bought cookies and cream Gold Standard Protein, so it should be interesting.

We also scoped out the Nixon Murf watch again, in the yellow/blue combo. I can’t really get over the fact that when I put it on, it wasn’t a OMG I WANT IT. I did however stop by the Rip Curl shop and found the Subic, which I immediately wanted to wear right away. I had toyed with the idea of grabbing the Nixon, as there was a super cheap listing on Amazon.com, but I couldn’t be swayed by the fact that I had no idea if it was a replica/fake or not.

It just looks awesome with that color scheme and matches a lot of the stuff I wear. I think it will be grand. I think I will want it.

I have been quite pleased with my lat development, owing to the pull down bar, lat raises and wide set pull ups I have thrown into the routine for the past month or so. My next goal is to add this routine where you pull up a bar bell with plates on one side. It definitely hits my lats well, and I feel a much wider stance and a good v taper developing.

Also unrelated but amazing, and an excerpt from Wikipedia: Unlike the giant squid, whose arms and tentacles only have suckers lined with small teeth, the Colossal Squid’s limbs are also equipped with sharp hooks: some swiveling, others three-pointed. Its body is wider and stouter, and therefore heavier, than that of the giant squid. Colossal Squids are believed to have a longer mantle than giant squids, although their tentacles are shorter.

The squid exhibits abyssal gigantism. The beak of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni is the largest known of any squid, exceeding that of Architeuthis (giant squid) in size and robustness.

On February 22, 2007, it was announced by authorities in New Zealand that the largest known Colossal Squid had been captured. The specimen weighed 495 kg (1,091 lb) and was initially estimated to measure 10 m (33 ft) in total length. Fishermen on the vessel San Aspiring, owned by the Sanford seafood company, caught the animal in the freezing Antarctic waters of the Ross Sea. It was brought to the surface as it fed on an Antarctic toothfish that had been caught off a long line. It would not let go of its prey and could not be removed from the line by the fishermen, so they decided to catch it instead. They managed to envelop it in a net, hauled it aboard and froze it. The specimen eclipsed the previous largest find in 2003 by about 195 kilograms (430 lb) although it is still considerably smaller than some estimates have predicted. The specimen was frozen in a cubic metre of water and transported to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand’s national museum. Media reports suggested that scientists at the museum were considering using a giant microwave to defrost the squid because defrosting the squid at room temperatures would take days and it would be likely for the outside to rot while the core remains frozen. However, they later opted for the more conventional approach of thawing the specimen in a bath of salt water. After thawing, the squid measured only 4.2 m (14 ft) in total length, with the tentacles having shrunk significantly. Although initially thought to be a male, closer inspection of the specimen showed it to be a female

Unreal! That is so awesome. I had for years thought the Giant Squid was the baddest invertebrate ever, and than this thing shows up. So freaking cool. It looks so angry!

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