>you know its exam time when

>just an excerpt from another blogger:

You feel the need to procrastinate even more than usual…
You eat more than usual….
You want to sleep more than usual….
But you can’t really sleep the night before your paper….
You need to memorize 38 (or was it 48 pages) in your text book….
You wish that you actually studied harder during the semester….
You’re feeling down and depressed and stressed…..
It is so damn cold in the library,classroom….
You have no social life….

I hate finals. If it was only back in the day when you had to memorize single sentence definitions for Social Studies.

I just realize that I’m really effed for my entomology class. The exam topics are intense. And by intense, I mean Im screwed. Hence Im blogging about it to show how effective my time is being used. Damn.

Good luck to everyone on finals, and don’t stress too much. Well just the people in my classes. Don’t study please, lower the class averages. 😛

Good luck!

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