>gah sales!

> Oooooh look its the new Macbook Air, the world’s thinnest laptop. Unlike before, I do not feel like I have a huge inclination to buy a new Apple product. Usually I watch MacWorld and scream in delight at the new iPod, iPhone, iWhatever and get super excited. But this is like cool. No doubt….

>quickly quickly!

>i only have minutes to spare, to type this entry. I’m in a big rush and its due to Physics. Don’t take Physics. Ever. Even when I teach it. Gah. Jen Bongster told me earlier this one phrase- “Its good to try/do your best in everything, but its not necessary to be passionate about everything.”…

>bringing sexy back

>Just one of my favorite things out right now, the new Kodak Z8612is. I’m not usually a fan of Kodak, but this design just screams retro cool. Its an ultra zoom with 12x zoom. Too bad it starts at 36mm in the wide angle.

>friendships and the problems with them

>to begin this post i would like to present this; This is my new project after almost a year since my last one. The first picture was an experiment in disaster, I hate the facial proportions completely. the second one is a better rendition of the model i was looking at. in due time, it…