>Fast and Furious


I just watched Fast and Furious with Will last night. After a disappointing shopping trip at Best Buy and Futureshop, where after finally deciding on his laptop and hard drive, the comp was sold out (GAH), we saw the trailer for Fast and Furious on the TV section.

It was awesome. I know a lot of people thought it was terrible, but I came in expecting a testosterone adrenaline styled movie, and it had it in spades.

I really wish I could drive haha. Soon enough, soon enough.

We also listened to the Beats by Dre, a headphone created by Dr.Dre, with Monster. Now I’m one of those haters who despises Monster and Bose, due to the stupidly high prices on their products, with little distinction from much cheaper options from other companies. And with Monster’s fiasco with suing Monster Mini Golf for the use of the word “Monster” (because people might mistake the Mini Golf for an audio product- WTF), I was quite skeptical about the Beats. Given that its a celebrity endorsed product too, I was ready to brush them off. However, they have turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Sure, a lot of money goes to the design, but they sound alright! I don’t know if they sound $349 alright, but they get my approval for usage. I’m no audiophile by any means, but they have some nice punch. I would say that the unfortunate thing about the demo at Futureshop was that they were jacked way too loud, and typically it is when the headphone can have good punch at lower volume that it shows its shine. We couldn’t listen to the whole demo cause it was causing damage to my brains. Not bad at all!

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