>Hi. Summer is officially here!

> Wow, what a week. So normally I would have had a really big 32 font size- OMG I AM DONE FINALS, but I was so tired from staying up this week, that I just slept. Basically last week was a big gong show with lots of stress, no sleep, and staying up all night…

>Greetings. Its Saturday Night

>Hi I really love Sony. NW-A1000 Walkman in purple. Anyways back to a recap. Today I spent a lot of time in the library doing my group project designing a grade 7 biology exam, which turned out to be a lot harder than expected. I guess its because you dont expect to do TestWiseness and…

>More stuff I want.

> I haven’t posted for awhile due to school beating┬áme insanely, but I have a lot to talk about. I guess thats what tm night will be for. In the mean time check this out. These look so awesome. I can’t wait. I love Sony. NW-A1000 here i come!

>I want a new phone.

>just wanted to post a pic of a pretty hot Walkman phone. Hi I am a Sony Whore.