I’ve been posting a few reviews on engadget but since engadget doesn’t mesh well with users I’ve decided to post here. This will be a first and really should have been done a long time ago since I do cover a lot of the technology that I use/lust after but I don’t have any formal write ups on them. I suppose what will distinguish these reviews from the formal reviews I peruse myself on the web (like engadget, the verge, CNET or phonearena) is that it will be more focused on the IRL (in real life) aspects. I don’t have access to other technology to compare the product to other than what I already own so its hard to make the big deal comparisons that might matter to others (like comparing flagships from multiple sources).

I’m not going to lie- I don’t have any intention of being unbiased in my reviews- two reasons. 1) From my cultural psychology studies over the summer, I have come to accept the realization there is no such thing as an objective perspective. You can’t have it. We are embedded in culture and this is what separates us from being mere functioning organelles. The humanism in us means by merely existing as humans we have some culture in some degree and to pretend otherwise would be foolish. 2) User reviews tell another type of tale that the so-called “objective reviews” that are published by the big media dogs might not cover. You can compare the technical specs and quantitative data between two products as come out with a clear winner, but the everyday usability isn’t reflected typically in these reviews. The “Gestalt”, if you will, isn’t there. What is it like actually using the device in a day to day basis? You cannot get that from these reviews for the most part. This is why I favor using the big media reviews and the customer reviews like on Amazon, to get a full picture.

Finally, this is for fun. I love technology in particular and I’m not going to pretend that my opinion matters to others. But it matters to me and my writing sucks but whatever. 🙂

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