New kicks

So I managed to luck out and found the Nike Romaleos lifting shoe in my size and a wicked color combo to match at the Nike outlet; from what I have heard from the sales reps, they never get the the lifting shoes in the outlets, whether they are the lower tier Savaleos or the Romaleos shoes; the last rep suggested I just goto a dedicated sports store; the other rep who actually found my size and told me about the Romaleos on the clearance shelf said she never finds these shoes in her store and they are never in her size when she finds them- so I lucked out finding a pair – 0.5 up in shoe size apparently is the suggested sizing for these shoes.
The Savaleos were also very cool looking and not what I was looking for when I came in the store- I got certainly excited to see them but when I asked the sales rep about other shoes available, she pointed out these ones for even cheaper and they are way more expensive (260 vs 160 btw the models). The Savaleos are meant to be a lifting shoe that you can use for other exercises including box jumps or headstands (apparently thats what the part of the rear shoe sticking out is for to reduce friction against a wall). They are a little less stiff and less of a heel raise. The Romaleos are meant for lifting alone- the heel is higher and the shoe is more rigid and you get double straps for a firmer and greater level of control.
So far I have really like the Romaleos for deadlifts today- they feel super comfy- at first they were too narrow and it hurt my foot but I realized I needed to loosen the laces and then just tighten with the straps as needed; compared to the Reebok Legacy Lifter II, I like both of them- certainly the styling of the Nike is more in my camp but both are great for lifting so far. I’m excited to use this for squats- this is what the greater heel raise is for apparently- it helps make squats in a better angle for the body.
Had some great meals with W and M at Earls- the atmosphere and service is fantastic day and night; I’m still somewhat hesitant with indoor dining right now, but it was definitely a good experience. New foods out include a crab cake that was ok; the burger was fine but def not as good as the Santa Fe chicken salad, my fave. The Truffle fries though are a knockout- tons of flavor and a great combo with the aioli and the crispiness stays whether the fries are fresh or not.
Had dim sum with inlaw- super fun to finally be with family out for dim sum and the food was nice piping hot.
Feeling stronger with my squats- I’m aiming to hit three plates eventually, but for now 8×8 at 230 without bar feels really nice. I’d like to go further and deeper but I feel like I am getting pretty close to depth.
Dinner at Hotel Macdonald; assorted BBQ – really really good. The pork ribs and beef brisquet were really great- the corn bread was a fave of mine; the fries…were not as good as Earl’s truffle fries. I do feel like the atmosphere is not as stellar as the name might imply eating on the patio- you really need to walk out from the patio to enjoy the greenery and view of the courtyard. Service was stellar though and the temperature was perfect for the evening- not too hot or cold.
This view really brings more perspective to the courtyard here and why its so pleasant…but you dont really see this from the patio. If you don’t go for a walk here you really miss out on this view.
Frustrations in finding a computer for inlaw- I found this Acer 715 and I am very very unfamiliar with Chrome OS requirements- this one has a 1080p panel, backlit keyboard, i3 based processor, 15 inch panel, and aluminum build; and it was on clerance for even cheaper than the stated price. Did I get it? No because I am an idiot. It sold like three hours after I came back to get it. This price point gets really underpowered Windows S laptops that are not i powered processsors, and usually an underclocked low end CPU and poor RAM, or a generic Chromebook with poor build. I’m still beating myself over not getting this.
Yours truly at Fort Ed- a supremely weird day in weather- it was pouring cats and dogs in the morning to the extent I thought we should cancel; then it changed miraculously at our scheduled entry time and it was smoking hot all day. Really solid day being out there and they added a whole amusement park for kids that was not there when I was there years ago being bored out of my mind summer camp after summer camp.
Also grabbed a pair of Nike Superset- they are apparently meant for HIIT workouts rather than running or lifting- which….is what I do. I mostly got them because they were really crazy looking- you can see how deep that support goes in the gaping hold in the middle of the shoe. Its really weird because the curve at the toe is quite strong and there is no support at the toe; but this seems to work well with toe striking and stairs for me- I can see why this would be good for HIIT.
S and I hitting Scona track for a morning sprint. Super fun and a very very orange overcast sky from the forest fire smoke. I’m sure air quality was not the best, but the good breeze and moderate temperatures made for a great run. Going to miss the summers for sure, as fall comes rapidly in- but I am not super saddened now that I have taken up winter running.

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