this week

Went to do some updating – actually got to see the Iphone 12 Pro Max (again stilly name IMHO- Plus seemed to be an easy adjective- Max sounds like some cheesy 1990s Radioshack RC car). Phone was…a phone. It was different with the harder lines than the 8Plus, but I don’t know if that is necessarily good or bad. The screen is much larger with no borders. I couldnt really try out the cameras because everything is mega bolted to the table, which I think is because of previous robbery events. Its sold out- release date of Nov 13 means its hard to find. Oh well. I’m not in a rush. Upgraded to better internet as well for work from home needs. Overall a smooth process. I’m a bit skeptical of an upgrade in a phone, but I do like the idea of the triple camera set up for a better always on me camera, which has lead me to curb my interest in getting a weatherproof camera. 

New lifiting gloves- was reallllllly doubtful of picking these up, as I have lots of gimmicky lifting gear that I use once and forget about. But this really made a nice difference- the bar didn’t cut into my bones during the deadlift, and I was more focused on the lift than my grip slipping. I’m a bit skeptical still because I worry I am not building my grip as much; as well I worry that the strap wasnt meant to be used as a lifting strap – it looks like it was suppose to be like a glove and soften the grip, vs being wrapped around the bar and used like a lifting strap. Oh well. We will see. I easily got through my deadlifts today with these, whereas my grip is usually failing about 5 sets before finish. 21 sets of 350lbs deadlifts today, 3 reps per set. 

ANNNNNNNND here is my cheezy grade 4 winter jacket that is now my winter running coat. I didn’t want to ruin a new jacket with continuous sweat and washing, so we will see how this goes. I kind of dig the pouch. Also this is really annoying to get in and out. 

My running balaclava and ice cleats. Picked up another balaclava today, seeing how useful they were in my runs. If we go in lockdown, I will be ready for my outdoor cardio. The grips are really good. I can’t believe I havent used them before. 

The Starbucks Trenta size is stupid huge. This is their cold brew irish cream. I think its like a liter of coffee. I dig it. 

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