Calm before the storm

I’m still awaiting edits from my supervisor- he’s notified me that he is working through the edits right now. The paranoid inside me is freaking out about what awful terrible things he is finding in my thesis draft. In the meantime, I can’t really do much but wait. 

We went to the Ice Castles- my first time; it was pretty interesting there. Much better than I had anticipated. It was also much better to do it at dusk- we got to see the ice formations in the daylight and nightlight; the different lighting provided a pretty different experience, and it was definitely much more interesting than ice cubes in the middle of a park, which is what I thought it would be. 

So a few cool things- in the lull time I have had while waiting for edits, I have updated a few of my old VAIOs to Windows 10- pleasantly, I found that my VPCZ1 and VPCZ3 both operate very well with 10- the Z1 in particular was known for needing a weird BIOS hack to get the hybrid graphics card to work, and now I don’t need to! That was neat. And the Power Media Dock works with Windows 10 and the VPCZ3. I unfortunately still cannot figure out the dead battery in my VAIO Duo 13 (its probably just dead and time to move on, its an old system from like Jan 2014, so now 6 years old. Even if the battery was still working, it wouldn’t be that good. As first from the Haswell Intel CPUs it was a godsend to have unreal battery life. I will miss it. It definitely made my life with summer school a lot easier. My VAIO Pro 13 that I am typing on right now still does not have  functioning touch screen which I am assuming is a hardware issue. I did manage to finally get Windows 10 Home installed on my VAIO F1. That was nice. 

Edit- I made this post like a few weeks ago. In the mean time small things kept creeping up and I kept thinking, hmm no biggie. Case example- I invited my parents out to lunch at a fave place near Whyte ave- low and behold, my parents decided not to park at the FREE city parking in front of the restaurant, but rather, in a private parking lot and walk several blocks over (I’m assuming for familiarity). Welllllll, they got a ticket. After trying to contest the ticket (which I think is fair because the signs are poorly implemented there) I simply went to pay the ticket- it just was not worth my time to try to contest this ticket. Wellllllll they have two tickets- in the same lot- and that one was from 2017. OMFG. 

Anyways, so I thought that must be annoying with the parking ticket. Well no, then as I thought about my research, my mind kept wandering, and eventually my mind was like, hey maybe you should ask for an extension for research ethics- just in case there is a need for more research, despite the paper being wrapped up. So mild panic, send that in. 

And then as I await my dissertation review, the province decides to go wild with educational and medical cuts everywhere, and now we are wondering about public practice cuts for both my wife and I. It starts to get stressful seeing every public sector completely rammed in by the provincial government. 

Then oil tanks hard because Russia and the Middle East are unhappy with each other. 

But nope. That is not the last of it. The last of it (so far) is that coronavirus has HIT HARD and now we are wondering what will happen to life in general- i.e. the idea of death and a very serious virus, particularly for older folk, the economy and the inevitable terrible economy post virus survival, crashing jobs and what our jobs will look like during the viral outbreak and post viral outbreak, how will we manage with closed daycares and schools, and a general panic of social distancing from everyone with the closures of every gigantic venue and public business in hopes of curbing this virus before we become the next Italy epidemic center. And I’m almost certain there is going to be some anti-Chinese resentment after all of this, with the virus being labelled as the Chinese virus from some very public authorities despite WHO saying not to do this, as it will inevitably lead to racism in all the panic. So that’s cool. Every day we are living day to day and not sure what the next few days are going to look like. 

This is the darkest time line. I’m honestly in disbelief at where we are at with the virus right now. Schools and daycares are not starting up again until September. The effect on working parents will be felt for a very long time. I think its a matter of days before our clinics are shut down for non essential work. Unreal. 

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