So I’ve had a pretty fun month at the gym. I am trying a new thing with the treadmill which seems to be somewhat like HIIT (high intensity interval training); I have split my typical 30 minute run into 5 minute intervals where I build up to a full out sprint at max speed on the treadmill, go for a light cool down jog, max speed sprint, light cool down jog, and repeat until end. What I really enjoy about this is that it is self rewarding on its own- I don’t mind doing a max sprint speed because it has a cool down jog to look forward to. In addition, I don’t have to worry about trying to make it to the end of 30 minutes or total distance- I just need to get to the end of the 5 minute interval. I also like that its dynamic and changing, and not monotonous. Finally, I also changed my weight routine on a good number of muscle groups including chest, shoulder, lower back, bicep, tricep, and upper back- I either doubled the reps per set, or jacked the weight up and moved to reps to failure. I’ve really enjoyed this new approach and its made the routines new and exciting again. Combined with a better diet management, and I have noticed some great aesthetic gains as well overlal. Super pleased with this change in workouts.

I’ve REALLY loved shooting the a99 in the last few months. I’m starting to understand its strengths, weaknesses, and ins and outs. While I still could use the autofocus speed advantage of the a99II or the a7III, or the higher ISO noise handling of the said other two, I have started to realize the real advantage of full frame shooting and DSLR styled handling. In particular, I really have come to love shooting with AF-C mode and using the dual AF modules of the SLT mirror design, in conjunction with the AF zones mode. This works really really well with shooting H because she moves around so fast and doesn’t stop to pose for a shot. Shooting with the 70-300 G SSM II is a blast- I love shooting with the combo when shes playing outside- you can see the SSM II motor and AF speed upgrade just boosting along. While it doesn’t have the fast glass advantage, its a fabulous good light shooter and made me realize that full frame shooting isn’t simply about shooting in the lowest light possible. I’ve also started shooting the 50mm 1.4 – it proved fabulous for a few outdoor night events where that 1.4 was a huge advantage. Although the lens isn’t as sharp wide open as the Zeiss 24 f2, its still a treat on its own. Likely at some point I will pick up the Zeiss 50mm 1.4, and the Sony G 35 f1.4.

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