just chilling

H running around WEM- she’s been really awesome at coming back when I call out to her right away. Lots of positive specific praise/reinforcement for this behavior from me. Happy dad.

Really like this pair of Nike Air Maxs but way to pricey for me- upwards of 260 CDN. I love running shoes, but I don’t love them that much. Even my usual Nike outlet shoes have been going up in price. Love the color and sole of this shoe.

H exploring the water fountains in WEM. She got a real kick out of this one. I imagine a water table will be super fun for her, like it was for me in kindergarten.

Really liking the HP Spectre 2017 edition- its very very well designed and incredibly powerful- inside is an i7 quad core- sure its underclocked for heat maintenance, but cramming a quad core in that thin body whereas Apple is putting an M3/m5 CPU is pretty amazing. Alas, the days of me spending this much on a laptop are long gone- and its really not worth it when these drop in price like mad and don’t hold their value. I’m not looking for resale, but I certainly can wait for a used ad to pop up. The white and gold is pretty bomb as a color configuration. I really love the design in this, and it stands out in a sea of generic looking ultrabooks.

We celebrated some anniversaries and doctorate achievements- W successfully defended her doctoral thesis and is now a Dr! Very excited for her big day- went to tepanyaki at one of our fave places, Shogun. Its a very family friendly cozy place, with great food and great service. The chef was entertaining (although not over the top with flashy skills), and it made us feel very welcome. He cooked twice – once for us, and once for a bunch of meals that somebody ordered in the dining area. It was very very fun to eat and watch him cook. Got the 10oz steak and it was delish. Definitely one of my favorite dinners in recent memory. As much as I like a traditional steak dinner, this one was just solid.

More celebrations with friends over pizza- this time at Famoso- the Korean BBQ pizza was amazing! The Thai pizza was ok, different but not bad. Service also really awesome at Famoso and small diner feel made it memorable and warm.

Spending lots of time eating dinner with my folks- these home cooked meals with them are just heart filling- its been ages since it was just me sitting down at the dinner table with them like it was when i was a kid. Dad still making great tasting dishes, and I’m still not sure how he does it. Really nice to sit down to, after a long day at work.

NOT NICE. We have been getting slammed by some kind of sickness through everyone in my family and work. This winter has been the absolute worst I can recall in illness. Its really really bizarre how bad everyone got hit. I cleared out an entire package of this med.

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