Back to the grind

Waiting in line at Freedom Mobile to switch over another family member from Rogers. It’s almost the last day of the iPhone promo holiday they are running. Bit of a wait but not too bad.  In the end was successful and now were all on Freedom Wireless. I was semi-reemed out at the Source a few days ago for switching to Freedom (Source is owned by Bell). I only had to show that my previous corporate plan on Rogers was still better than what they were offering at Bell, and I still left to get him to shush. I am so happy I don’t have to do any more bargaining or endless phone calls to retentions departments and president’s circles and all of that.

checking out the pixel xl 2 demo. Really like the front design of the phone and the dual front fire speakers . Do not like the gigantic 140 per month charge to have this phone. The reviews look really great, but that price is just ridiculous high- and its not much more than the 8 Plus I picked up either outright (its just that Freedom heavily discounted the iPhone compared to the Pixel). You will notice that I did not take a picture of the Sony XZ1- it seriously feels like a entry/midrange phone and has no real benefit over the Z3 series I have been using for ages. Really disappointed with Sony on how far they have gone down with the Xperia line. Its also crazy expensive on Freedom too. 

So I went for a run on the work treadmill and I threw up- I’m clearly still sick and this treadmill did not help (gross out factor- I had to swallow it so I could finish the run- I was in the final burst stage….yuck). Everyone I have ever known and love has been hit by a bug this winter. Its crazy. I had to take like eight different medications to manage some stomach bug that has left me wary of how far away I am from the bathroom at all times. I noticed that this winter, despite going hard on my sprints and stairs in the winter, I still do not feel as trim as I do in the summer- it really might not be the type of exercise I am doing at all then, as I previously thought. Still feel flabby this winter.

Its a warm winter start to the year and its pretty quiet. Lots of last minute cancellations (including my own when I had to call in sick from my stomach bug).  I really can’t wait till this is all green again.

We had a really nice Boxing Day family dinner at Famoso- H pretended these little globs of dough were the shark family from the ridiculously exploited Baby Shark song on YouTube. Famoso was awesome for dinner- they gave some pizza dough for kids to play with so the kids don’t go crazy waiting for food. The food was good too, and service great.


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