Mothers day

Today was mother’s day. While shopping with mothers today we went on an excursion around the city to find a fabled discount on a external hard drive for like 20% of the original MSRP haha. Right now I am discovering that my USB3.0 ports I added to my 10 year old system actually are just functioning at USB 2.0 ports and mostly just suck right now. Not really impressed. I did manage to snag one after scouring the city- it was actually kind of fun- like a city wide scavenger hunt with a computer part as a prize that I actually really need- realized that I was absolutely killing my storage space with photos from H/videos. So far I have made a decision that I need to just rip the 3.5 inch drive out the external enclosure and connect it through SATA. Today we went to not just all the stores in Edmonton, but we also went to a new Thai place for us, Million Thai in the Belvedere area- it turns out it was pretty solid quality wise- the Thai fried rice was superb and for 3 dollars more for seafood, it was a no brainer. I haven’t seen that much seafood stuffed into a dish from a mere 3 dollar add on- they threw in shrimp, scallops, mussels, squid, and an overall flavorful rice base. And then I had my 7th Frappucino this week from the Starbucks happy hour 1/2 off deal and I think I am done now with Frapps.  Aside from that, I just did chest in the gym and now the lack of sleep this weekend is killing me. Got a pretty full day of clinic tomorrow so one more last stab at statistics for the EPPP studying and then its off to bed.

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