Triple threat

So I finally decided to upgrade my account from free to paid domain, since my lack of payments has made me unwanting to blog since forever. So to celebrate, I am writing about some recent updates to my audio world- I recently managed to snag a set of at least two good versions of the Sony LA500ED extended definition speakers made for SACD back in like 2002. THEY SOUND AMAZING. I didn’t have an amp to power them though, as I am a primarily headphones guy. I did get them in my favorite color version, burnt orange. They are freaking heavy and a clear upgrade to ANY speaker set I have, including the failed Sony 2.0 ZX1 speakers, and the Audioengine A5+ 2.0 speakers. I haven’t been this psyched in awhile. I wanted these speakers for years, after seeing them in my first issue of the Evolve Sony catalog in ….2001. The build quality on these is amazing. They feel absolutely premium. I haven’t held speakers like this before. I also love love love the sound. I also can’t believe how big these are. 
FINALLY after all these years, I have managed to upgrade to my absolute fave headphones, the Sony SA5000, another made for SACD audio product that came out at the same time as the LA500ED speakers – these are ridiculous good- a clear upgrade from their spiritual successors the MDR-Z7. I really cannot believe how much better these are than the Z7s- they have so much more clarity/soundstage. They unfortunately suffer from the deteriorating pleather problem, and I have to baby them. Other than that, they are absolute mint. Judging from recent eBay auctions, I scored one hell of a bargain on these. Generally, first impressions give me a couple ideas: a) I really like the quarter inch jack- its really satisfying to plug it in- all my other cans are 3.5mm jacks; b) this sounds NOTHING like the SA3000. I have read many reviews saying to get theSA3000 if you are just interested in the sound. Its not like it. At all. I love the bass line in the SA5000, which has been described as anemic by many reviewers- that is what I would label the SA3000; c) the build quality other than the pleather is fantastic. It truly feels like a flagship, and the extra detailing makes it feel so much more intricate than previous flagships, like the 7520. I would say it feels as premium as the Z7, but more interesting in design; d)soundwise, this is by far my favorite headphone. Within a day of solid listening, I knew this was going to be my fave; e) It satisfies everything I dreamed about the headphone- sometimes its not good to meet your heros (I recall that line with somebody who obtained a Sony CD3000 with the biocellulose drivers/baby R10s and was just sad about the experience). This is exactly what I envisioned the SA5000s, with the added benefit of it being WAY better soundwise than I thought it would be (expected the SA3000). 
To compliment both the LA500ED and the SA5000, I picked up a Sony UDA-1 DAC/amplifier. It was widely lauded for being not powerful enough both speaker and headphone amp wise, and in some reviews, even the DAC was said to be the worst input manner (relative to analog). I now believe so much more in matching vs. specs alone (after reading a Head-Fi user having a perfect match with the hard to drive Beyerdynamic T1s). These power the SA5000 and LA500ED PERFECTLY. They certainly have a good match with a few other cans like my 7520s, but they absolutely sound terrible with my PFR-V1s. Anyways, I love this triple threat combo. I debated whether this would be worth it over the DAC I use in my desktop (Asus U3). It was definitely worth it. Ampwise, its much more powerful. Not sure about the sound quality just yet though. Its able to power my cans easily, and its able to power my 2.0 speaker set up as well. Nice. 

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