more cathartic releases

Man I’ve really dropped the blogging habit. I have been fairly busy with life lately.

  1. Work has really picked up- I’m now doing 4 days public/2 days private practice and its been an absolute blast so far. Its certainly really keeping me on my toes right now. One thing I really like is that I am branching out client issues and every week I am being thrown a curve ball- its been really nice because I think I have a strong enough foundation that I can figure out what I need to do to work out these curveballs. That’s pretty sweet. I’m also liking work with two teams- its nice to have different perspectives and input on case work. And of course, its a nice change of pace.
  2. Reading has helped tremendously with these client curveballs- I have been focusing lately more on trauma and trauma informed care, as well as a lot of psychiatry perspectives. In particular, I found “the body keeps the score” incredibly helpful in case conceptualization, and helpful even in cases where I don’t necessarily suspect trauma. Right now I’m focusing on Dan Seagal, a well respected psychiatrist/author and his perspectives on adolescent development. As well, I really liked Brazelton’s Touchpoints series, although I wasn’t as big of a fan of his Sibling Rivalry book.
  3. I’ve been reading a TON off the public library. Its been pretty awesome to find an absolute treasure trove of e-books. You can betcha that I am jamming all those into my Sony e-reader (s!). Just a pleasure to have something new to read all the time that isn’t the usual garbage I usually fill my time up with. (I’m still reading that stuff- reddit-ahem).
  4. I thought I lost my e-reader, the Sony PRS-T3, the very last Reader Sony made before pulling out the market they created (crazy world). I then realized it was absolutely awesome- very lightweight, built in reading light in the light cover that was super smooth and slick to operate, incredibly awesome pearl e-ink touchscreen that has clear advantages over previous generation e-ink screens, and just compact overall. I managed to try to replace it with a plethora of Sony Readers and ended up missing it even more! So far, I picked up the PRS-505 (third gen model), PRS-650 (first touchscreen model) and PRS-350 (compact 5 inch screen with pearl touch screen). So far, I have absolutely loved the solid metal PRS-505 (and even loved the clunky 35 button interface), hated the 650 with mad passion (the glare on this low contrast screen is ridiculous and almost impossible to read), and the 350 just…I just don’t like it. I found my T3 under a seat cushion and I am very happy.
  5. school continues to shoot me in the face. I believe the purpose of my PhD is to take a giant dump on me and expect me to come out screaming with joy from underneath hoping for more- I just got word that I will be expecting another clusterfun of a year. that’s really awesome. The good thing is that my primary concern at this point is client care and I think I’m doing really well with that so my schooling can just roll over into a hole. The good thing is that I have a supervisor that seems to get that I am being driven nuts and supports me. I never thought I would really empathize with PhD comics in a real way until this last year. RIDIC. I look back at all the fun things I dealt with at school, and all the stresses that I thought would knock me out at school…and I know I will get over this. Its just frustrating. At times I wish I was still in undergrad (oh who are we kidding, I always wish I was still in undergrad) because of all my friends and dorms, and warm fuzzy feelings, but I am also so so so glad I have my fam. One little picture of my baby girl was all I needed to perk me right back up.
  6. I’m really making a small empire of VAIO machines. I managed to locate a TZ model and finally land one of my favorite line of ultraportables. Of course now with ultrabooks and really the newer class of ultraportables that goes beyond ultrabooks (the new Macbook), the T series VAIO is a clunky beast. And its even more clunky with a OS limited to 32 bits and 2GB of RAM (CPU limitation) and a terribly difficult to upgrade HDD (I seriously doubt I am going to upgrade this to a SSD based off the disassembly and finding the appopriate 1.8 inch drive). But its nice to tinker with. I’ve still got lots to do with it.
  7. I seriously hate school. Stay out of school. …sarcasm intended in case any future employers are reading this that are related to schools in some manner.
  8. I am totally dad bod. I work out a lot and I do not show it. Its so much about portion control for me at this point but I love eating too much. Case in point today- I was upset about school so I ate two fish burgers when one fish burger was fine.
  9. I also picked up a small HiFi speaker set, the Sony SRS-ZX1. Originally a ridiculous 399 USD, I got them for 30 USD used. So far, they are good enough for me, and I like to plug them into my PHA-2 amp like I do with my headphones. I like them because they seem to sound ok on low volume, which is a massively important step in my life with baby. Sometimes I cannot use headphones because that would create negligence and an accident if I can’t hear what the baby is doing. Speakers are nice, but most only sound good at mid-high volume. The ZX1 seems ok so far in this regard.
  10. Now that I have all this free time on my hand (HA!), I should probably just write my licensing exams.

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