Logitech MX Anywhere Performance Mouse IRL review


Logitech MX Anywhere Performance Mouse IRL Review- The Logitech MX Anywhere is a portable mouse that was the first generation of its lineage (I believe it is now the MX Anywhere 2). I have had this for a good several years and that is about it. It is a portable laptop mouse that is pretty awesome. End speech, as Ron Swanson would have said. Except he would not be using technology. The following is my IRL (In Real Life) review of the MX Anywhere gen 1 mouse.


Build quality– Overall very very solid. I have had this on numerous outings over the past few years and there have been no problems with creaks, dings, or shoddy builds. Except the bizarre right click that is plaguing all my mice right now in the Performance line (I have two desktop MX Performance mice with this same problem). Single clicks are registered as double clicks and I cannot for the life of me understand why all three of my Performance line mice have this issue. A quick Google search shows other Logitech people having this issue. The fix appears to be a disassemble and reassemble- apparently the metal strip that registers the clicks loses its elasticity over time. I have done this operation on all three of my mice and this fixed the problem for a few months, but the issue does seem to come back intermittently, although not as bad as before. Aside from this, the mouse is built very well. It is all plasticwith some light rubbery coatings on the sides. It definitely feels better than your average mouse, but its not a mind blower. You will not think its a premium piece of kit or anything.


Features and battery life- The biggest feature of this mouse, that is now part of a lot of its lineup is that shift scroll wheel that has a weighted damper that lets it spin freely with less effort from your finger. Ideally, this means that your finger has less fatigue because it does not have to use to much power. It can manually switch to free spin mode or do it automatically based off how quick you flick it. It works well, and I have become super used to it in my everyday computing needs. Setpoint software also allows you to customize the left and right scroll, center nub buttons and forward and backward buttons. I quite like this. It gives me lots of shortcuts so I can quickly make adjustments to volume and media. Battery life wise, this works wonderfully. I do not even know how long the two AA batteries last in it. I do not need to recharge them all that often. Probably once every two months. And that is with about 5-8 hours usage a day. Its pretty impressive. The new model has built in LiOn battery, which is cool. But given how little I need to recharge this one, it does not really matter to me.


Design and usability– honestly there is not much to say about design here- its a mouse. That was designed to just work without getting in your way. I think that about sums it up- it just works and I do not have to think about how to use it. I use it to do my regular office work, and to game. Its never been a problem for me. I also quite like the software- Logitech has done a good job making the mouse features easily adjustable to your liking with Setpoint. Its generally reliable, although I do find that most of my laptops forget its settings when the mouse is not plugged in and suddenly it resets the cursor settings in Windows. I quite like the fact that you can store the unifying receiver in the mouse itself with a clever pop off cover. I do think its a bit dumb, since the unifying receiver was designed to be small enough to not have to be removed. I have now made it a force of habit to remove the receiver and put it back inthe mouse each time I am done so I do not forget the receiver in a laptop when I switch computers. That is what bluetooth is for I suppose, and the second generation mouse has this. However, this mouse is so solid, I do not think I will be upgrading it. And I will not be upgrading it to get a Sony mouse either. Its that good that it can overcome my Sony fanboyism. It just works. I do not even find it a problem to switch to it after using the bigger and better fitting desktop version MX Performance mouse. Its been sculpted in the right way to fit my hand just fine.


Other stuff– It also comes with a soft carry case that I absolutely adore- this makes my commuting bag extra special when it gets packed in. I just love when accessories of this quality come with products. It keeps it nice and safe in my bag. And its a very nice case overall. I find the wireless range rather short. Within the typical workspace, its a non-issue. I can use it within 5 feet of my laptop with no problems. Once it gets past that, its much less impressive, which is surprising to me. This means that its not that good for presentations and such, because it cannot control the laptop from far distances. I cannot use it reliably in the living room when using my PC on my TV. Its a non-issue to me since I rarely use my laptop in such configurations, but it is worth noting.


Conclusion– Buy it. The Logitech MX Anywhere mouse is excellent overall and will disappear in your workflow. It just works well and there is no need for you to think about how to use it or integrate it into your workflow. I am very happy about it and would buy it again in a heartbeat. I am not sure how it compares to the current 2nd gen model, but its definitely good enough right now as is.

TLDR- Good mouse. Buy it. 

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