rupture and repare

No pics today- just a good reflection on being kicked out of the gym for two weeks and out of any physical exertion for a week. For somebody who hits the gym daily with specific muscle groups in mind, its been frustrating the last two weeks.

I finally can walk without a huge limp- having a weekend without dress shoes on helped a lot. The foot was easily the most frustrating experience – relying on that everyday for normal activity meant that it took a lot longer to recuperate than my neck- I really couldn’t give it the rest it deserved and needed. The good thing is that my work requires little movement and I can sit at my desk more often than not. The bad thing is that my dress shoes suck and they don’t help with recovery. I did wonder if their fit prevented swelling by compressing the foot tissue. I had been doing lots of RICE (rest/ice/compress/elevate) but I really should have been doing that right away. The anxiety of wondering if I would actually get sleep was pretty annoying- the foot pain was ridiculous. Fortunately, I feel it is in control now- it might be some time before I hit the running trail though.

The neck was more manageable- I was able to do several neck exercises to get movement back, and I was able to give it rest by moving my upper body to look around- annoying but manageable. I only had pain flare up in the morning when I woke up. Right now I finally hit the gym and did biceps today, no issues. Hopefully tomorrow will not have any surprises. What I do think is the culprit, besides poor deadlift form, was shoulder exercises with too much weight. Again poor form. I saw a slogan for a lifter- don’t lift with your ego. I really need to take that into consideration because sometimes its hard to let go of weight you are accustomed to using. However, as the last two weeks have shown, its not worth it when it absolutely wrecks your body. Definitely going to drop the weight on the military press.

Anyways, I’m back and I’m happy about it.

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