Review – Kershaw Knife and Fenix UC40 UE Flashlight

DSC02544EDC-Every day carry review Kershaw Knife and Fenix UC40 LE– This is a different type of review since I really don’t know that much about knives or flashlights but I love caryring these two with me everyday (hence everyday carry). I never thought I would carry these two items before but since W has started really getting into this stuff, its really influenced me to think “Why not?”. I’ve had the knife since late summer 2014 and the flashlight since fall 2014 and the following is my IRL review of my EDC items.


Design– the Kershaw is SOLID feeling despite being a polycarbonate handle- I would have much preferred something more sturdy but this works for me and its sturdy enough for sure- its lightweight and has no creaks at all. the blade pops out very smoothly and flicks with a satisfying click. The handle fits my grip pefectly. I like all the grooves to make sure that the blade is in solid grip. As you can see I really don’t know a lot about knives haha. Also, compared to a cheapo pocket knife, the Kershaw is miles ahead in terms of finish and weight- it is light enough that it is not burdensome, but not light enough to feel cheap. As well, the blade just feels so much more secure when flicking it open. Finally, the locking mechanism is solid- you don’t feel like it might fail on your when using it.

DSC02540In fact I’ll just point out that I love its size and its look – it feels premium and it fits my hand perfectly. That’s all I really know about pocket knives. 

DSC02542I added some extra Sugru to make rubber circle grips for my fingertips so that the knive would be even more solid in the hand. Its awesome. I highly recommend Sugru if you ever have a project you want to add moldable rubber onto. I feel very safe with this knife in hand. Why do I need to carry this? I have run into countless scenarios where the knife on hand has been super super helpful. Maybe its the Boy Scout training I took- Be prepared (that or my anxiety haha), but its reassuring to have it on me.


The Fenix UC40 UE is SOLID feeling- its a big piece of metal and it makes no pretense about what it is- its a weatherproof flashlight that will give you light when you need it, wherever you need it. I got this light when I was in Mountain Equipment Co-op and its super reassuring to have a big chunky light that fits in my bag no problem.


I chose this flashlight because of a few reasons- the light has 960 lumens- much much higher brightness than typical pocket lights or the LED light app that everyone uses on their phones. It has a heat warning because its so intense! It can only run for 3 minutes at full intensity. That’s how amazing it is. Its like having the sun in your pocket, except you can call forth its power whenever you need it.


The single biggest reason this light jumped out at me was this- the USB charging- Considering that I always have a battery USB solution on me, this means that I will always have access to incredible light power in my bag. I’ve never seen this before and it really impressed me.


Conclusion– I really don’t know how to conclude a review of a product category I don’t know a lot about- what I do know is that I love have a big monster light source on hand with me and a slick solid blade in my pocket. They are wonderous additions to my everyday carry for sure and they do make me feel a little better prepared for emergencies.

TLDR- these are really awesome. 

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