I just wanted to breath out a sigh of relief- its March and I’m in the final stretch- the very last two months of classes in my academic career that I intend to take in my life. Its been one hell of a ride this Winter 2014 term and its with welcome relief that things are winding down. 

TAing classes will be ending this week, with the kids writing their final exam next week. Its been fantastic to sit in and watch them learn, and I’ve been able to work with a fabulous instructor this term and a very small class, but its always kind of a pain to come home at 730pm after starting at 9am and going straight through. I’ve had a great time TAing again for the fourth term (! so fast) and I’ll try to get the same position again next term….but work is work and I’m definitely welcoming some breathing room. 

Classes are alright, but I really have to take a breather- I’ve been in post-secondary for almost 11 years straight now and its time for me to just stop learning in the class and do some learning on my own. I’m looking forward to clamping down on my doctoral research and in just a few weeks, picking up some education in bullying prevention in Banff! Most excitedly, I’ve found out there will be a workshop on attachment theory and adolescent bullying. I’m basically all over attachment theory right now with my infant pre-school training and I’m totally sold on it as an intervention focus and client conceptualization. Its kind of amazing really- the framework and intervention focus that I am learning and loving in my practicum is coinciding with my research and dissertation focus. I’m really excited for this summer, as I plan on consolidating all of that together. 

I’m off to more work for the evening. Got to keep chugging along. 

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