Sony for sale


Sad faces all around. There’s more and more news websites popping up saying that Sony will be selling its VAIO division off after multiple loss years. This is probably one of the biggest electronic losses I have heard in some time, especially considering my very recent push to come back to my love for the Japanese former giant. Right now there are talks of Lenovo purchasing it, or perhaps an investment firm in Japan. While I am very happy that this isn’t something like HP completely killing off Palm and cutting it up for sale, I’m missing the holistic experience of the VAIO division with the rest of Sony’s products. For example, I’ve been dying to have Xperia link to put my laptop and phone synergy in place so they talk. I don’t see this happening with separate companies. As well, its just that feeling, that experience. The recent Sony Together ad, showing how engineers and artists merge together for you to experience their product? That’s what I feel when I pick up a new Sony product. I don’t get that love from any other company. at least across the board. Of course, I am a fan boy but that aside, I’m pretty choked about this. I’m glad I picked up two of my favorite VAIO designs before this news- the VAIO S15 and VAIO Duo 13- especially the S15 because that was one of the lines that I have always wanted. The Duo 13 is just another really cool engineering design model that I love out of sheer design. I mean the Thinkpad line survived and is doing quite well for Lenovo and I quite like the Thinkpads now as do a lot of Thinkpad enthusiasts that lamented the sale from IBM. However, I am married to the company not just the line up.

I remember the VAIO line always being a coveted brand that I wanted to own, all the way back to the insanely tiny Picturebook line, to the S class that was one of the first 13inch widescreen super thin powerhouses, the TR’s white mystical design, the VAIO K with its eco-brite glossy screen, the VAIO X505’s unbelievably slim body….I’ve got a real connection to some of these models and its just unreal that Sony would be selling this off. I get they need to take drastic measures (I wish it was just their TV line instead) but I don’t like it. One of the things I really like about Sony is that they are really pushing the envelope now and punching out products that are just so much more than the drab and dry consumer market has to offer right now. Instead od just faster processors, sharper screens or whatever that Samsung and everyone else is doing, they are popping out designs like the QX100 camera or the VAIO Duo lineup.

Anyways, lamenting aside, I’ve been super busy- across three jobs and full time school I’m really pushing my limits in what I can accomplish. But what I am accomplishing is really really awesome. Right now I’m getting really connected with my research with a provincial wide initiative that is helping me develop my research and understanding of school violence prevention and there is a good chance I will be heading off to a conference all about this stuff next month. This is really helping me understand my dissertation work and how I can tailor it to be more relevant and practical to the community rather than just some random research question.

I’m really liking my practicum placement for psych intervention. Right now, we are working in a wonderful inter-disciplinary team that focuses on getting the most out of each discipline, whether that’s psychology, social work, psychiatry….whatever. The best part about this is that everyone is very supportive for conducive learning and no matter what the case is or how familiar you are with the material, there is an atmosphere of learning and nurturing that learning.

I’ve absolutely gotten huge from lifting. Its been a wonderful journey and I actually might have to cut back a bit. Very excited about my progress. I genuinely believe that cutting out the sugar in my coffee habit has helped a lot.

My spending spree has paid off handsomely. The VAIO Duo 13 is ridiculously crazy for battery life- I’ve been at school for more than nine hours and I still have 32% battery left after all day work. The keyboard is terrible though and its very shallow. Going back to my desktop or my VAIO s15 is very satisfying. Especially the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate- the MX Blue mechanical keys are so so satisfying to type on.

The Sony MDR-7520 headphones are fantastic. They sound so smooth yet revealing in the sense that they are musical but detailed. They provide a liveliness and enough punch that its like listening to a refined MDR-1R except with more detail and kick. Their magnesium build is also really solid.

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