This term is going to be crazy.

Edit: NO GYM? NO PROBLEM. This week I went back to the weights and I came back stronger with quicker recovery- chest day, lower back and legs day were all very very strong for me- I finished quicker with 60 seconds between reps (thanks to the pressure from my stopwatch on the Nike+ Sportwatch) and in particular, my leg press gained 25% more power- Legs day is now 8 reps 200 lb squat, 8 reps 200 lb leg press and 8 reps calf raises (200 lbs is my bodyweight right now). I am feeling really pumped about this. Last summer when I started legs, I was really weak and uncomfortable with the leg press in particular and I feel so much stronger now. This is going to mean a lot of pants changes to fit my new mass but whatever. I feel pumped about that. Going to bodyweight exercises without equipment really made a big difference in the four weeks I was gone. BOOM.

Also- this is exactly what I needed on a stressful day- gains, goals attained, whatever. Exactly what we tell psych clients under stress/depression- focus on achievement and what you can do. Walking the talk indeed.

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