2014 goal: operation road map


I’ve decided that in the 8 months I have till my wedding in 2014, I will become super super ripped. I have the mindset and the dedication for the daily physical routine of exercise- I need the discipline to now focus on the diet as well. I’m really pumped and excited to see what all this strength I have built up over 2013 will look like when I start cutting in 2014. Its going to be slick. I have gotten tremendously stronger since 2013 turned around and compared to when I first started working out in 2002-2003, I’ve become a monster relative to my beginning strength- what I need to do now is show it. I’m looking forward to kicking ass and looking like a road map.

So I started out with four hundred decline push-ups with my feet elevated off the side table and twenty sets of twenty. That’s twice the amount I did when I first got to toronto. I have a wicked pump right now. Really inspired by the elder tai chi guy doing those daily four sets of 150. I tried the knuckle position but it hurt too much and I had to go palm down for the push ups.

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