Finally connected my Nikon P7700 shots to my blog on the go.

Today I also went to Tiger Direct and I didn’t have as much of a good time as I did in NCIX. There was a big super store vibe there and the sales men in the computer section were REALLY pushy. I ended up just getting a little usb 3.0 media card reader so I could blog from my Surface RT with my camera shots. It feels cheap and I am not a fan of it. What was cool was that I managed to put all my shots from my card onto my WD 2TB drive via Windows Explorer on my Surface RT. I LOVE this tablet- but I can see where its Tegra 3 CPU cannot match the i5 in my VAIO and how I’d really only use this tablet when mobility is a must over power. Really pleased with this purchase again and again.

Today I did an INSANE workout for being just a bodyweight exercise and away from a real gym- I did 8 single leg squats, 8 double leg squats and the chair/wall squat for 30 seconds and did this over for ten sets. IT WAS KILLER for me. I could not believe how much of a burn the single leg squat gave me and it certainly gave me new respect for the body weight exercises that I used to scoff at cause I didn’t see a ton of iron involved. So far I have churned out chest, abdominal and legs in my hotel room exercise quest. I’m thinking tomorrow will be triceps, we shall see.

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