Black Friday ends

Oh and yesterday for chest day, there were three families with the moms, dads and kids in the gym. The kids were playing soccer with the dads with the Swiss ball. I get that they want to spend time together and often there is limited time where a parent is able to actually goto the gym without their kids, but this was really difficult to work out in. I forgot what sets I was doing twice because there were kids climbing the weight machines (I know big deal /s). Its incredibly dangerous to have kids around this equipment because they just aren’t kid friendly- there’s lots of places where fingers can get snagged, crushed or torn. One of the things that jumped out at me was the kids playing by the treadmill- I remember a tv production that looked at how kids would get degloved (read- all the skin torn off the hand) because they stuck their hand in the moving tread. I would be really impressed if the kids were doing supervised exercise on these machines, but they weren’t. They were using the machines like a playground. It was kind of ridiculous and I was kind of not impressed. On the plus side I got a wicked pump from chest day yesterday and felt pretty done and spend at the end of it. I’m also not sure what days I am going to work in my grip strengthening either- I don’t want to expend my energy and take away from my core exercises, but I don’t really have a forearm/grip day for that. I don’t even know anyone that has forearm day come to think about it.

Today I am working on pumping out the edits to publish my thesis which I would love to really just bury and get out of my system. Its been two years since I defended my masters. I also managed to chat with one of my profs about getting involved with a massive anti bullying program that might give me a great opportunity for data access and support so I’m really hopeful for that to work out.

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