The beginning of old man winter

And in other news I have been working on my proposal for my doctoral thesis and I am super super excited to think that I may have nailed my topic. My previous work had focused on whether school psychologists had the proper training to deal with school violence and now I think for my doctoral research I can actually focus on what they should be doing in the schools. This will give me a real practical aspect of my research so that I can understand what are the best interventions to prevent and cope with school violence. I’ve got a weekend to churn out these ideas but I am feeling really excited because I can tie in my master’s research with my interest in managing violence as well as helping victims deal with the anxiety and depression (both latter items are big practice interests of mine). I’m hoping to get the most out of this research for real world use so this is getting me hyped for sure. Another aspect that I am happy to look at is bullying and as I hung out with my buddy who’s an elementary school teacher, I realized that I really had minimal understanding of what to do for bullying. Add that onto the new focus of incorporating bullying under the school violence definition by NASP and I’t got lots of potential to professionally develop and help others on top of completing my research requirements. Cha-ching!

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