I’ve done repairs on my Sony VAIO so many times and it usually doesn’t bother me because I am able to fix it everytime. I cannot fix it now. It has a problem with shutting down randomly and barely two minutes into boot up or in BIOS indicating a hardware problem. I suspect the VAIO is susceptible to being used in any orientation that is not flat and that this has dislodged the fan in a way that it cannot work. I took it apart and didn’t see anything I could do, but I assume it has zero cooling and is overheating instantly and shutting off. Sigh. Worst timing ever. I have so much marking to do for Sunday morning and it is already Wednesday night. Good thing I have my lovely fiance to keep me sane. And SF for working still. Desktop is back into play. It is at times like this when I think I really should have an emergency laptop.

Edit: After completely disassembling and reassembling my VAIO several times over and not knowing what to look for, it has miraculously started working again- I’m leaving it on to see if it overheats randomly and shuts off, but from what I can hear, the fan is working fine and ventilating hot air our properly (albeit really really inefficiently relative to the open air chassis of SF desktop). I seriously don’t understand how Sony engineers thought the tiny vent would be sufficient for ventilation. I’m certain putting the GPU and CPU heat through the tiny hole that is EASILY blocked is a terrible idea.

The good thing is all this rage about disturbing my workflow gave me plenty of energy to get a good upper back work out – now that I am all done that now and BB has been running for about twenty minutes without crashing I am much happier. I am not happy about how it has disrupted my workflow though- still have a good amount to mark for this coming Sunday. Marking is crazy slow. I will be a very happy camper when all of this is done.

I also wanted to emphasize that I am working in health records right now in the hospital and it is FREAKING CRAZY how many files and patient information things are in that room. I cannot believe the sheer volume of information there. Its really mind boggling. So many files. SO MANY.

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