I’m going to try to keep this professional since this is the world wide web and I have no idea who is reading this but a few things:

1. AMD WTF WTF WTF. For some reason AMD’s Catalyst display controller makes it a ridiculous puzzle to try to make a display connect through HDMI. A simply search shows that there are tons of people struggling to make their displays work properly but with scaling totally off its such a pain. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. And I have given up and gone back to displaylink rather than my GPU to connect my second monitor. I am that frustrated. I have never had a total failure in working a tech problem out before. Sigh.

2. just got word that people are gossiping in one of my work groups. Really?! I realize that this problem occurs in school, in friends and in work places but it is just a ridiculous thing for me to hear this stuff and think about how many problems happen because of this stuff. Go to workplace interactions and relationships happen when good communication occurs and this is ridiculously detrimental to that. Its so frustrating to hear things like this. Clear communication and directly talking to the person involved first should be the line of order. If that fails, then escalate it. The very very most basics of HR policy. RIDICULOUS. Its on the entrance interview for jobs as straightforward as retail positions. COME ON.

3. Seriously AMD go eat a giant bowl of FU. I wasted two days trying to fix this. Get your stuff together.

4. I really hate Samsung right now. Not only did my Samsung 2934hm monitor blow out early this year (most likely because of faulty capacitors) but the third monitor, the Lapfit LD220 also decided that its capacitve buttons would break down and act as one button. So I can’t adjust anything on it anymore. I would not be surprised if the damn thing breaks in the year. Thankfully the 2493hm monitor fix is a common problem and it looks pretty straightforward to repair, as long as I can get my non-existent soldering skills up to speed. But the buttons on this lapfit thing are bunk. And the damn display keeps unplugging itself and freezing the image by itself. I’ve rolled back to an older driver back in April which was still working fine when I had it so hopefully that will resolve the issue.

On an unrelated note: I added another workout day! Today I did my official legs day- squats, leg press, weighted calf lifts and leg curls. I’m pretty pleased with this. On Sunday, my previous squat day, I will now be doing deadlifts, side extensions and weighted hyperextensions for my lower back/sides. I was pretty happy with my leg results today. I’m really hoping I won’t end up with chicken legs.

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