Blast from the past and killing off old ties.

Today I closed off access to my old blog at blogger. As much as I loved the domain name, I really didn’t see the point in migrating back to blogger even though I no longer needed a killer support app for Blackberry, which was the main reason I went to WordPress. It was kind of a quiet moment for me even though there really wasn’t any build up. I am quietly shutting off unnecessary pieces of my internet life as I get more into the real world and realize how much my public life can affect my personal life.

I started that blogger site almost seven years ago, on January 06, 2006 Wednesday. Wow. In that seven years so many things have happened. I had initially started that blog after moving from Xanga to start a new online life. Yes, a new online life. On Xanga I had started blogging when a girl I had a major crush on at work was using it and I thought it would be a way to get to know her. I still remember feverishly making blogs in the middle of class breaks on campus in the Knowledge Common library and hoping she would see it and make comments. Wow. And after that failed spectacularly I decided to just axe everything and try to move on to something new. Hilariously I remember still giving this girl my new domain name at blogger, so not really moving on. Wonderful life choices I made. And to think of where I am at now with W and how WEDDING NEXT YEAR! Wow. Things really have changed and so much for the better for me. I cannot believe how much my life and progressed in seven years. Fabulousellis indeed.

I am proctoring two midterms tomorrow morning and afternoon and then I’m playing Starcraft II. 🙂 I should actually goto sleep right now instead of doing a personal history flashback. 

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