Sony 35th Anniversary Walkman

sony zx1

So Sony just released the official specs for their new Walkman lineup for the 2013 holiday season. I’m kind of underwhelmed to be honest, I am not certain what has been improved relative to previous line ups. Its the same dual core 1Ghz processor that really, really needs to be upgraded given the incredibly slow UI that I get in my Walkman Z series that has the same CPU. The anniversary walkman ZX1 shown here is what intrigues me the most I guess. Its a metal clad body with the build and style that reminds me of the flagship models of the MD Walkman range years ago when I used to beg for. There’s a large hump for an apparently amazing amp, but I’m not sure how amazing this is given that the translation keeps saying that this is the same amp as the Walkman F886 series. The major difference seems to be the increased capacity to 128 GB and the return of the physical media buttons. TBH even with the lag, I’m pretty happy with the Walkman button on my Z series. Should be interesting. I have the 20th anniversary CD Walkman and its still a beautiful piece of kit to me and that came out in 2000! I got it in 2004 for a really really good price of 45 bucks used and although I don’t use it anymore, its still really slick.

I’m still marking like crazy. Its taking a ton of time and I’ve yet to crack ten assignments out of the 57 I have. Its taking me around 40 minutes per assignment right now, and one student wrote the whole thing in Comic Sans MS. WTF. Going to hit up Second Cup with W today and pound out as much as I can. I am having a blast being a TA this year, after all the growing pains of the last two terms. Everything feels solid and I’m confident in my swagger. Beautiful.

We had a talk with one of the psychologists working as the vice deans in the department of psychiatry in the faculty of medicine. It was really nice to see the perspective of a psychologist immersed inside the psychiatry field, especially in the field where they are being trained. From my limited untrained knowledge of the synergy between psychologists and psychiatrists, there doesn’t appear to be a good working relationship and psychologists seem to be alientated from them and the provinical health system overall. We learned a great deal of the professional issues our field is struggling with in our province and what we are walking into when we graduate in a few years. I am definitely worried about the field and public practice is looking less and less lucrative. It looks like its going to be a long road for practicing psychologists here in the province. Sigh.

IM SO HAPPY about my CPU cooler. The Zalman CNPS12X is the icing on the cake and really completed my system build. I’ve been really happy with my CPU’s overclocked performance and things that normally killed it like virus scans are totally fine. I definitely don’t think I will be upgrading the CPU next year. I also added two more 2.5 inch HDDs because I ran out of room on my primary storage drive with all the games I have installed. Unfortunately they are all 5,400 RPM drives, so super slow, so I have been migrating items that I don’t need speed in access for onto those drives like videos. and keeping my games library and photos on the faster original 7,200 RPM drive. I was going to buy a new 3.5 inch storage drive like a 2TB or something, but these two random drives I pulled out some broken laptops gives me a nice boost of 750GB without spending another dime. Nice.

I’m really happy with my protein shake progress. Since getting back into regular protein consumption, I’ve really noticed a nice boost in my muscular shape and size. I feel like the cuts are a little deeper and the muscles are a little more rounded out. I also seem to be having trouble fitting in my shirt right now. Nice.

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