Blast from the past and killing off old ties.

Today I closed off access to my old blog at blogger. As much as I loved the domain name, I really didn’t see the point in migrating back to blogger even though I no longer needed a killer support app for Blackberry, which was the main reason I went to WordPress. It was kind of…


Finished marking all my undergrad assignments. 47 this time around and took me pretty much the entire freaking week. Wow. Now back to Starcraft II.

Sony 35th Anniversary Walkman

So Sony just released the official specs for their new Walkman lineup for the 2013 holiday season. I’m kind of underwhelmed to be honest, I am not certain what has been improved relative to previous line ups. Its the same dual core 1Ghz processor that really, really needs to be upgraded given the incredibly slow…


I’m fairly certain that marking might be one of the most dreadful things I have done besides transcribing. Wow. 57 to mark, much less than the 90 I had last year. Going to power through and get this done as soon as I can. Due one week from now/

quick post

I’m sitting here reading the last paper- i read the last paper but I didn’t make notes of it- for my qualitative class. I have work in like seven hours and class in the afternoon. Gonna be tired in the morning. BUT- I DESTROYED my biceps workout today. I have never felt so confident in…