Calgary Stampede

Got back from Calgary today on a really really sweet ride with all my friends. Arrived on Friday around 4 pm to go shop at Cross Iron Mills. Didn’t really buy a whole heck of a lot, which is probably good for my wallet- grabbed some socks and a leather camera bag for quite cheap from the Fossil outlet- there were no nice bags there. Almost bought a Coach mens case, but decided to stick with my black Matt and Nat bag instead. Got some goodies for the girls from Coach womens though. Dinner was at Chinatown which was remarkably beautiful compared to the slum that is Edmonton’s Chinatown. Clean, beautiful and bustling. Lots of people wandering and checking out things. There were quite a few closed stores though due to the flooding. Had a HK styled cafe dinner but wasn’t mind blown from it. Cold milk tea was good though. Hit up V’s for late night chatting and got to see some familiar faces as everyone dropped by. So happy to see everyone together.

The morning after was a scramble to get out of bed to the Stampede breakfasts in time. Woke up early and went for a morning run in one of the affluent down town neighborhoods and had a blast running the giant sloping hill- tired but not out of shape by any means, thank goodness for stairs training. Headed to Kraft for lunch and had a really slamming bacon, eggs, sausage and pancake breakfast with a donation to a charity. So good. Then headed off to the Stampede and managed to win absolutely nothing but still had fun playing games and watching random shows- there was a relatively boring jet ski show that had a super awesome water jet powered flying apparatus. Hit up dinner at a very creatively called Macleod All you can eat Korean bbq and sushi. VERY VERY good food and great service. Ended up at V’s again and had a really great chat with K, who managed to come up from the states.

Today we woke up and I went for a run around the even more affluent river front homes that were smoked by the flooding. Hit up a nearby Starbucks with a roof top patio (so awesome!), enjoyed an iced coffee and hit up dim sum before we headed back up. All in all, a very solid weekend with some of the best friends I could ever ask for. Love them.

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