Wknd updte

So I went to pick up a 6lb bucket of whey isolate and ended up with a new tyrannosaurus figure. Amazing. This company Pabo is soooooo good in their sculpting. The brachiosaurus or the triceratops is next on my list. Mostly the brachiosaurus. Also the company Papo is a sexy toy company and was not the dinosaur figure company I was trying to Google.
This watermelon was rank old and must have died in the heat. The texture was spongy but the taste was still there and I managed to make a big ton of watermelon juice.
Breakfast of Champions Sunday morning.
Fast food pad thai from Thai Express. I'm fairly certain that real pad Thai tastes much better than this.
Making my pad thai. I love watching them work.

I threw in three sets of stairs after my shoulder workout today. I’m going to try to add three sets every day to get my hill training up for the Spartan race next month.

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