Happy Canada Day!

X series headphone shot from Gizmodo
X series headphone shot from Gizmodo.
Wow what a long wknd. I didn’t take a whole slew of shots but had plenty of running around and memories to last awhile. I had a bunch of folks come up from southern Alberta to visit and had a super blast. O came up from Calgary and we had a really good chat while looking over the river valley and sipping iced coffee. Although we have taken very different routes in life, we’ve been able to connect on a more regular basis now and its been fantastic. He’s also doing a great job keeping me in check and ensuring that I am working forward with my monthly goals. I also had some family do a surprise visit, which was a bit unfortunate because we were all over the map already for plans and weren’t able to see them all that much. We did manage to see them over lunch today which was pretty good at Good Buddy southside.
W and I watched the fireworks from the balcony today which was really fantastic and intimate. It will be a long time before I dislike the convenience of living central- all the amenities are already here and I had just finished a bicep workout before I headed upstairs to watch the light show. It was really wonderful. In a year’s time we will very likely be able to watch them as a married couple! Unreal. Also I kind of am mad at myself for wasting the first thrity seconds trying to shoot off and set up a shot- I really need to remember my belief that experiencing the memory is so much better than documenting it and hoping to relive it later. Wasted time! Also didn’t realize that my lens was stuck on manual focus- wasted so much time wondering why I couldn’t focus to infinity.
We went out to try to nail a monster sized fan I had been inspired to find after last night. My little personal fan simply could not keep up with the heat inside out place- I am actually not certain if its worth the amount of electricity to run the fans versus using AC just for the night, but now I am determined to use the fan. I have a monster sized Honeywell I just picked up from Canadian Tire that is designed to air out large rooms from as far as 40 feet away- and its right now just beside our bed. I will have to make sure W doesn’t get any in her face. I also started wearing shorts today, despite not feeling comfortable in them- after traveling in Asia last summer, I really wanted to pick up my style and so far this means that I dress semi professional all the time regardless of weather. This was find in winter where I was able to add layers. In summer where I realized that I am ridiculously sensitive to heat about 18 degrees Celsius, I am positively dying in long pants. W just informed me that its going to be 36 degrees tm and will feel like 40. I am going to DIE. OMFG. I am wearing shorts tm. I am wearing them with dress shoes though with super short socks, which seems to be all the fashion. I never thought I would be trying to be fashionable.
I managed to goto the Sony store and check out the new VAIO Pro 13- its really impressive- very light, very sleek and very well built. With an IPS 1080 screen its a formidable machine at only 2.3 lbs- a far cry from the 4.4 lbs plus extra battery that I carry around with my VAIO S15. What is all the more impressive is that the Haswell chip inside delivers measurable 10-11 hours of real battery usage compared to the six to seven hours my dual battery set up will give me. I am very very resentful that the build improved so much between chipsets as its usually very minimal and unimpressive. Oh well. There are a number of things that make my Vaio S15 much more “Pro” in my opinion- namely the number pad, and easily accessed RAM/Boot drive and battery bay, not to mention that I can carry a secondary drive in my optical bay. But of course I am jealous.
I was also able to try out two headphones at the Sony store- the X series which really is a rebadged XB800. This official celebrity headphone from Sony (which has Simon Cowell’s name and belief in authentic sound inscribed on the box) really doesn’t sound good- its not as bad as I thought it would be- the bass really is incredible- but its so ridiculously overwhelming I cannot believe for the life of me that Simon truly believed this is what the artists wanted their music to sound like. The bass is relatively powerful and wasn’t as muddy as I thought it would be. It also is a lot more stronger than the famed Beats Studio line from Dr. Dre. But its also totally overwhelming and if I thought the Beats Studio was underwhelming, the X series is right along there. Not to forget the lackluster build quality and IMHO terrible styling. For bass, my Skullcandy MixMasters really do deliver the goods without wrecking the mids and highs. It was still nice to try them out though. I also got to then go right to the MDR-1Rs right after and I was very very pleased with the build quality, despite being relatively the same material- plastic and fake leather. It really did feel much more refined and truly worthy of the exorbitant prices that headphones are now approaching. I am definitely hoping Sony will restock quicker than what their website details.

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